Glazed Ceramic Tile, 4 Colors – SALE

Glazed Ceramic Tile, 4 Colors – Daily Deal

Daily Deal Price $5.00/sq.ft plus shipping – Regular retail price – $10/sqft.

These are actually 4 inch single tiles and also available in 6×6.  The tile are available in 4 colors,  soft yellow, denim blue, cobalt blue and green.  These are handmade ceramic tiles with a beautiful glossy finish on the surface.  Being handmade glazed tiles, they do have color variations that is commonly found on glazed tiles.  These are great tiles for wall and floor coverings, although, we recommend only using them on walls due to the polished surface. They are great for backsplashes, bathroom walls, and other common surfaces.

For picture of the green color please click this link: Green Glazed Ceramic Tile

We do not have a product code for these as they are a limited quantity item; to order, please call/email

Soft Yellow Glazed Ceramic Tile

Denim Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile

Cobalt Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile