Soapstone Porcelain Tile, 3 Colors

P0047     Soapstone Porcelain Tile, 3 Colors

Today’s tile is from strong, durable porcelain that recreates a soapstone / limestone look.  The tile offers the fossilized look of fossil marble, but primarily, the natural characteristics of soapstone.  It features specks of varying colors, and realistic vein patterns that are characteristic of soapstone.  It is currently available in 3 colors, grey, light grey and light beige.  The tile has a matte, slightly textured finish and can be used on floor and walls in most environments.  This is a great tile for use indoors or outdoors and as always, porcelain tile is easy to clean and maintain.  This is a rectified tile, and can be installed with minimal grout spaces between tiles.

The tile comes in 12×24,  and is currently available in stock, and to order, please call / email us.

P0047GY Soapstone Porcelain Tile, Grey

P0047LGY Soapstone Porcelain Tile, Light Grey

P0047BG Soapstone Porcelain Tile, Beige

Soapstone Porcelain Tile, Grey 1

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