Iridescent Pebble Glass Mosaic, 3 colors – SALE

iridescent pebble glass mosaic pool tile turquoise blue

GM0078      Iridescent Pebble Glass Mosaic (Blue, Brown and Black)

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Today’s tile is an iridescent, glass pebble, or sometimes called bubble mosaic.  We have three color variations available as pictured below.  The mosaics are made from thick, glass pebbles, and feature straight edges.  The pebbles come in a mix of varying shades as well as different sizes.

These mosaics can be used on walls anywhere, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, and other featured walls.  They are great to add a touch of modern decor to your design.  The iridescent colors add a beautiful, glossy shimmer as well and also feature a wavy, rippled surface.

(We’ve recently received calls from a few clients citing this item at a cheaper price from Daltile and other sites.  Please note this is not the same product.  The Daltile version is smaller, 10″ x 10″ sheet, and has a lot of space/grout space between mosaic pieces.)

These mosaics are currently in stock, and to order, please call / email us.

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9 thoughts on “Iridescent Pebble Glass Mosaic, 3 colors – SALE

    1. Hi Jill, if set properly, they should work well on a bath floor without any problems. A non sanded grout is recommended, along with white thinset to make the tiles pop, since they’re transparent. One thing however is if something heavy is dropped onto the tile, some of the mosaics might chip or crack. Besides that, they are strong enough to withstand regular pressure.


  1. The shower floor with the white irridescent is beautiful but can I use a colored grout with light blue to make the blue in the tile stand out? It looks greenish blue on the floor but I want more blue in it.


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