Marmo Series, Marble and Steel Mosaics

NS0032     Marmo Series, Marble and Steel Mosaic
To add to our collection, we have three more in the beautiful Marmo Series of natural stone mosaics.  These are a well blended mix of tumbled, natural marble and steel bricks.  We posted the white mosaic a few weeks ago, and these are the 3 remaining colors in the series.  The mosaics are mounted on an interlocking mesh, and tightly locks in with other sheets, so no grout is required in between.  If they will be used in moist environments however, a sealant is recommended to preserve the look of the stone.

The stones featured on the mosaics are white oak, nero black and botticino marble respectively.  All come in a beautiful and soft to the touch, tumbled finish.  These tiles are a great addition to walls in any design, and add a sophisticated and high end appeal.  They can be used to cover counters, fireplace walls, and most other featured walls in homes, or commercial spaces.

These are currently in stock, and to order, or for more info, please call/email us.

Marmo Series, White Oak

Marmo Series, Nero Marble