Linear Random Brick Glass Mosaic, 4 colors

GM0083     Linear Random Brick Glass Mosaic, 4 Colors

Up today is a beautiful series of linear random brick glass mosaic. The glass is clear, glossy and the colors are lime green, teal blue mix, light grey and white.  This glass is good for wall application only.  Great for any kind of backsplash, bathroom wall, glass linear or border with in between other tiles.  The lime green glass and teal blue mix will brighten your kitchen.

This glass mosaic comes in a 7×18 mesh sheet and they are also sold per sheet, amount to roughly 0.87 sqft/sheet.  For more questions and inquiry about this glass mosaic or other tiles on the TileDaily site, or to order, please call / email us.

Linear Random Brick Glass Mosaic Series, 4 colors

Lime Green

Teal Blue Mix

Light Grey