Brushed Steel Penny Round Mosaic

SS0004      Brushed Steel Penny Round Mosaic

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Stainless steel mosaics bring a beautiful and sophisticated styling to any environment.  They have a very neutral character and color that can easily blend in to any design or space, and easily mix with most other colors.

Today’s tile is a beautiful and very sleek looking stainless steel penny round mosaic.  The circular mosaics are made of brushed steel tops stuck on to a porcelain/ceramic base.  These are great tiles that can be used in most environments.  Being stainless steel, they are resistant to rust and oxidation.  They are great as kitchen backsplashes because of its ability to blend in the various colors as well as kitchen appliances.  They can also be used on bathroom walls, and for feature walls in commercial spaces.

They come in sheets of 12×12 and are currently available in stock.  To order, or for more info, please contact us by phone / email.

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