Beveled Diamonds Ceramic Tile, 2 Colors

P0039        Beveled Diamonds Ceramic Tile, 2 Colors

These are a great new addition to our collection of tiles.  They have a beautiful pattern of beveled diamonds on ceramic tile.  It is primarily for wall use and can be used in most indoor applications.  The tiles come in two colors, a glossy black variety, and a matte white version.  The matte white features more of a lustrous finish, rather than a flat matte texture.

These tiles can be combined or used in a single color and are great for bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, featured walls in commercial spaces, etc.  These are a great choice if you want to avoid a flat surface, and rather have a smooth, wavy surface on your walls.

This tile comes in 12×24.  They are currently in stock, and to order, or for more info, please call/email us.

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