Nero Black Marble Splitface Mosaic

NS0016BK       Nero Black Marble Splitface Mosaic

This is a beautiful quartz mosaic made from natural black marble.  The surface is rough and textured, with a split face arrangement and the bricks feature the natural veins found on marble.  The small bricks are tightly packed together and tiles can be laid together with little to no grout lines.

This is a great mosaic for walls in offices, homes, fire place walls, walls in reception areas and other similar applications.  They create an exquisite and high end appeal to any design.  This nero black mosaic will blend in well with other black tiles, (we also have nero black stone and glass mosaics), as well as dark grey porcelain tiles, for a nice modern appeal.  In moist or wet environments, a sealer is recommended to maintain the look of the stone.

They come in 12×12 interlocking sheets, and are currently available in stock.  To order, please call/email us.  A similar variety is available in quartz white, link.

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