Spring Mix Natural Flat Pebble Mosaic

NS0012GN       Spring Mix Natural Flat Pebble Mosaic

Weekend deal!! $12.95/sq.ft, call to order: 1 800 419 8815

More today from our collection of pebbles, today we’re featuring naturally flat pebbles.  These come in sheets of mixed colors, green, beige, brown, grey, etc.  They are beautiful and feature the natural look of pebbles found in streams, rivers or lakes.  Great to create a natural feel to your environment, these can be used on walls or floors.

Pebbles can be a great alternative choice of mosaics in place of porcelain and glass, or can even be mixed in to augment porcelain or glass tiles.  We’re looking forward to pictures of your unique designs using these tiles.

These are currently available and in stock, to order, please call/email us.

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