Small Square Iridescent Glass Mosaic

GM0048WE      Small Square Iridescent Glass Mosaic, White

Iridescent mosaics add a great touch to any environment with a bit of a lustrous finish and its varying colors.  Today we feature an iridescent glass mosaic which is white in color with a slight tint of green.  These tiles are great and well suited to any kind of wall use, in kitchens, bathrooms, featured office spaces like lobbies, reception areas in buildings, etc.  The white color blends in well with other colors and helps to accent other colors in any design space.

The mosaics are a mix of glossy iridescent glass and a wave textured iridescent glass.  They come in sheets of 12×12 and are currently available and in stock.  To order, please visit us here for info.  TileDaily is based in California but ships all across the US and outside the US.

(pics are slightly darkened to show texture)

2 thoughts on “Small Square Iridescent Glass Mosaic

    1. Hi JF, unfortunately we don’t have anything with larger squares at the moment similar to this. We do have a 2 x 1/2″ rectangular version that’s similar. Please give us an email address and if we do come across something, we will send you updates. Thanks, TileDaily.


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