Birch Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile

PW0010      Birch Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile

Today we feature two colors of a series of tiles that are reminiscent of birch plywood.  They feature the soft, light patterns and stripes of the wood of birch trees.  They come in two sizes of 12×12 and 20×20.

This porcelain tile can be used on floors and walls and can also be cut down to your desired sizes.  They are great to create natural, living spaces in living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.  They are also great in restaurants, spas or other similar commercial venues.

This tile is currently available and to place an order, please call/email us.

PW0010OW     Birch Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile, Off White
PW0010LBG    Birch Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile, Light Beige

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