Colors of Fall Slate


NS0002      Colors of Fall Slate

At TileDaily, we love the look of natural stone, and we will try to get a lot more natural stone products on our site.  One issue to contend with however is that natural stone can vary in color to great degrees at times, and that is hard to show with limited samples.

Today we have a beautiful natural slate tile.  It is hard to categorize this tile under a certain color because the colors vary between little red and gold to mostly grey, beige and brown.  The picture at the bottom is the original manufacturer estimate of the variation you can expect on this tile.  This tile is great for wall and floor use, exterior or interior.  The tiles have natural ridges and uneven surfaces that can be expected from natural stone.  The thickness also varies from 3/4inch to 1/2 inch.  The tile is available in two sizes, 12×12 and 16×16.

There are three main types of sealant for natural stone, solvent/water based clear impregnating sealer, enhancing sealer and topical glossy sealer.  Of the three, the solvent based clear sealer is what we would recommend to maintain the natural look of stone.  The other varieties create a wet or glossy look to the stone and will also darken the surface slightly.  (Some people prefer to not use a sealer at all, and that might be great for walls, however, for floors, dirt and grime can collect over a few years and diminish the colors and overall look of the stone.)

To order these tiles, please text/call/email us.  Please note that there are large amounts of color variations in natural stone, and TileDaily cannot be held responsible for returns due to color variations.

(original manufacturer picture of color variation on this stone.)

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