Quartz Vein Porcelain Tile, Dark Series

P0023      Quartz Vein Porcelain Tile, Dark Series

One of our favorites in our porcelain tile series, these are nice, smooth, through body porcelain tiles with a matte finish.  (Through body means the color goes all the way through the tile.  These tiles show less signs of wear because the color on the surface runs through the tile.)

These are very durable porcelain tiles, with a great, natural stone look.  They are great for interior or outdoor use, walls and floors.  They can be used to complement any style, great for elegant, modern designs, or also a good choice for a classic or traditional look.  In the dark series, we have them in three colors – light grey, greenish brown and dark brown.  These tiles are very popular and stay tuned for a future post on the light versions of the quartz vein tiles.

The tiles come in 12×24 and 18×18 sizes, currently in stock, and to order, call/email us. Please refer to the ordering codes at the end of the post.  At TileDaily, we also have access to other tiles that are not yet listed on our site.  If you’re in the market for something specific, please let us know.

P0023LGY       Quartz Vein Porcelain Tile, Light Grey
P0023BN        Quartz Vein Porcelain Tile, Greenish Brown
P0023DBN      Quartz Vein Porcelain Tile, Dark Brown

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