Square Glass Mosaic, Grey Mix

GM0023GY       Square Glass Mosaic, Grey Mix

Beautiful clear and a high gloss mix of grey, black and white, this tile is an easy match for your white, grey or white counter tops.  These are especially good if you love a modern and clean cut, neutral grey toned environment.  We have some great neutral colors for your floor, like greys for example.  Please browse through our porcelain collection to find more choices.

This tile comes in a 12×12 sheet. The tiles are currently in stock, and to order, please give us a call/email us.  Please mention tile code or the date of posting.

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TileDaily is a reputable online tile sourcing and retailer for homeowners, interior designers, architects and contractors. We feature unique and hand selected tiles that are sure to deliver quality and appeal for a long time. We process orders over the phone (1-800 419-8815) or via email, info@tiledaily.com, or via our online store, www.tiledailyshop.com. We ship throughout the US and internationally.

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