Square Drop Textured Porcelain Tile, 3 Colors

MP0025      Square Drop Textured Porcelain Tile

Our featured tile today has a unique texture that is carried by only a couple of brands in the tile industry.  Under light, the little convex squares look like raindrops on a surface, and hence the name, square drop.  These are great, durable tiles that have a splitface surface.  The little squares are all placed at random angles along with a very polished, glossy surface.

These tiles come in 12×24 sizes.  They are great for walls and backsplashes.  Due to the glossy finish, they are relatively easy to clean and maintain.  The tiles deliver a great, modern atmosphere for your environment.  We currently have them in three different colors, metallic bronze, black and white.  They are in stock, and to order, please contact us by call/email.

Update: the metallic bronze is now currently replaced by the Square drop champagne tile.  12×12 version of the metallic bronze is still available in stock.

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