Radius Metallic Porcelain Tile

MP0017SR       Radius Metallic Porcelain Tile

Hey Tiledaily’ers

We have another metallic porcelain tile to show today, aka the LP tile.  The tile has radial grooves similar to those on a record/LP.  This tile was a bit of trouble to photograph because of its highly reflective surface.  It shows different colors from different angles. Straight on, it has a silver color, from an angle however, you will begin to see a darker bronze color.

This tile comes in 24×24 size.  This tile is great for walls and floors.  If you prefer a modern style, this tile is a great choice and is also suitable for cafes, galleries, modern offices or boutiques, etc.

The tile is currently in stock, and to order, contact us via phone / email.

MP0017SR  Metallic Porcelain Tile, SilverMP0017SR  Metallic Porcelain Tile, Silver

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