Floral Textured Porcelain Tiles

P0009      Floral Textured Porcelain Tiles

This tile comes in a 12×24 size.  It is a very stylish looking tile that has lately become quite popular for both residential and commercial uses.  This tile is mostly used for walls.

These are porcelain tiles with a semi glossy and fine textured finish.  The tile is available in four colors, codes can be found below.

Status: In stock.  To order, please call or email us.

Ordering Codes

P0009BK      Floral Textured Porcelain Tile, Black
P0009DBN   Floral Textured Porcelain Tile, Dark brown
P0009BG      Floral Textured Porcelain Tile, Beige
P0009OW    Floral Textured Porcelain Tile, Off-white

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