Oxford Crackle Ceramic Tile

P0090      Oxford Crackle Ceramic Tile

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This beautiful white crackle tile comes in 2.5″ x 8.5″ and 4×12 sizes. The tile features well defined crackle with a glossy surface finish. The long subway format makes it great for backsplashes, or also other patterns such as brick, stacked or herringbone.  These are great for walls in kitchens, bathrooms and similar applications. They create a gentle backdrop with a textured appearance that forms a great canvas for your designs and home decor.

Item: P0090 – Oxford Crackle Ceramic Tile
Color: Off white
Size: 2.8″x 8.5″ & 4″ x 12″
Thickness: 1/4″
Finish: Crackle, Glossy
Trims: 5/8″x 6″ Pencil quarter round.

For inquiries, to check stock or orders, please call / email us.

Oxford Crackle Subway Tile, White. Available in 2.5x8.5 & 4x12

P0090 – Oxford Crackle Subway Tile, Ivory

Ivory Crackle Subway Tile, For wall application

P0090 – Oxford Crackle Ceramic, Ivory

Straight cut edges allow this tile to be evenly and closely spaced during installation

P0090 – Oxford Crackle Subway Tile, Ivory

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