Long Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, Black, White

PM0015    Long Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, Black, White

now discontinued

Another version of the popular octagon mosaic, this one consists of long, porcelain octagons and we laid them out with black and white dots.  Popular inserts are red, green, deep blue, black and white, but we also have some other color options available. (If you would like to see this mosaic with other colors, we can email pictures to you.)

This is a beautiful and durable porcelain mosaic that can be used on walls and floors and can be laid out horizontally or vertically, and is great for most environments, including but not limited to bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, etc.

This tile comes in 12×12 mosaic sheets in glossy and matte finish. The tile is currently in stock and for more info, or to order, please call / email us.  We also welcome you to subscribe to our blog to receive regular updates on our new tiles.

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