Grey Glass and Clay Bars Mosaic

GM0063       Grey Glass and Clay Bars Mosaic

This mosaic is unique and fairly new to the market.  It features a very cool look, and is great for modern designs or environments.  The glass bars are clear and glossy with a grey, asphalt pattern.  The clay bars are actually fired red clay bars with a deep, glossy enamel layer.  The clay has a very coarse texture with naturally occurring pores that come from heating a layer of red clay, very similar to the red bricks used in construction.

These can be used anywhere, primarily on walls, and can add a unique appeal to your design.  They are great for lining up hallways, in homes or buildings, featured walls, fireplace walls, bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.  In moist environments, sealant would be required due to the porous nature of the clay bars.

These mosaics are currently in stock, and to order, please call/email us.  We thank you for appreciating our work and using us to purchase your tiles.

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