Gold Leaf Glass Bars Mosaic, Brown

GM0057BN      Gold Leaf Glass Bars Mosaic, Brown  $15.95/sq.ft

This is a beautiful and unique mosaic.  The mosaic features long glass bars with golden, leaf-like patterns.  The surface features a smooth and clear, glossy finish.  The overall color of the tile falls between amber brown and a darker gold.  This is a great mosaic for walls and can be used in most environments.  They can blend in well with a variety of other tiles, and make a great addition to your space or design.

The glass bars are almost an inch wide and come in sheets of 12×12.  These mosaics are fairly new to the market, and are currently available in stock.  This is the color as seen under a bright light or sunlight, indoors, it will appear a little darker.  To order, please call/email us.

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