Black Quartz Red Glass Splitface Mosaic

NS0015BK        Black Quartz Red Glass Splitface Mosaic

Today’s mosaic features a very cool and trendy blend of glass and stone.  The stone here is black quartz slate, and the glass is a smooth and glossy red.  The red color of the glass is more reddish orange than pure red, variances may occur based on the color settings of your monitor.  The black is a lighter slate black.  The tile is split face – where the blocks are of different heights.  The pieces used are a mix of 4inch and 2 inch bars.

This is a great tile for a modern and hip environment or space.  The tile brings its own unique styling to your design and is great on a featured wall – fireplace, behind the bed headboard in a bedroom, reception area of a building, and many more applications. The tiles have a rough texture and uneven surface and is not really recommended for wet environments like bathrooms, and will require treatment like sealing, etc., to protect the stone and preserve the look.

These tiles are currently available and in stock, and to order, please call/email us, or visit our place an order page for info.

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