Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles, 4 Colors

GM0013     Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles (Pink-purple, Green, Blue & White)

Today we feature some beautiful pebble tiles with a wonderful range of colors.  It is a fun pebble mosaic which is a mix of 3 different sizes of pebbles, and 3 shades of their respective colors.  These tiles are for walls only.  They are great to create a fun atmosphere in any environment. They can be used in bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, kitchen backsplashes, etc.  They can also be used to cover the front sides of bars or counter tables.

The colored tiles all have a polished, glossy finish.  The white tile however has a mix of glossy and frosted pebbles.

If you’ve been putting off decorating your little girl’s room, then the pink tiles are a great choice to create a lively and fun atmosphere.

The tiles come in sheets of 12×12.  These tiles are currently in stock, and to order, please call/email us. (ordering codes below).  Also, sign up on the right to receive daily updates on new posts.

Ordering codes:

GM0013PK      Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles, Pink
GM0013GN     Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles, Green
GM0013BE      Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles, Blue
GM0013WE     Pebble Glass Mosaic Tiles, White

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