Silver Grate Metallic Porcelain Tile

MP0033     Silver Grate Metallic Porcelain Tile


Up today is a great looking metallic porcelain tile adding to our growing collection.  This tile features tiny embossed honeycomb or hex patterns, pressed onto a silver steel plate.

This tile is primarily for walls and can be used on their own or maybe also mixed with other tiles.  They might also be suitable for floors, as part of a design.  The only issue with using it in high traffic areas would be the difficulty to clean.  This tile is another great choice for your designs and spaces, and can be used to fit a large variety of uses including cafes, galleries, modern offices, fireplace walls, feature walls, reception areas, boutiques, etc.  The tile offers a contemporary look and paired with the right environment can create a great, modern interior.

The tile comes in 24×24 size.  For inquiries, to check stock or orders, please call / email us.  To order a sample, please visit our online store to purchase a sample.

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