Black Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile

Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile, Black

PW0007BK     Wood Pattern Porcelain Tile, Black

At TileDaily we carry a few varieties of great wood porcelain tiles.  The benefit of these tiles is that you get the look of a wood floors, but yet with none of the maintenance associated with wooden floors.  (Wood floors still have their own look and feel that can’t be imitated, but why would I say that?  I’m trying to sell these tiles!)

Anyway…  These are great for floor and wall installations, and they have a matte, non glossy finish.  The surfaces are grooved according to the grain of the wood to imitate the feel of wood.  The tiles are available in two sizes.  What you see in the pictures are the 6×36 inch versions of the tiles, and they are also available in 12×36.  Run a search on our site for wood porcelain tiles to see more available colors and varieties.

They can be used outdoors too, for a courtyard, balcony or terrace.  Unlike wood, they can be safely used in bathrooms and other wet environments.  You can even combine and alternate these sizes to create stunning floor or wall patterns.  Use the brown or gray version on walls to create a more earthy atmosphere in your home or office. They naturally contrast well with green plants.

They are currently available in stock, and to order, or for more info, please call/email us.

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