Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, Black and White

PM0003     Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, Black and White

The White Octagon is now available now in our online store.

Octagon mosaic floors have been around for many years and can be found in many victorian and classic homes.  Each tile is almost 4 inches in size, and the key inserts are about 1 inch.  These tiles are available in both glossy and matte finish.  These mosaics can be used on floors or walls for both residential and commercial uses.

The inserts are available in a few different colors.  They come on separate sheets that are inserted during installation.  The octagonal mosaics themselves are also available in sheets of 12×12.

The tiles are currently in stock and for more info, or to order, please email / call us.

PM0003BK     Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, Black
PM0003WE    Octagon Porcelain Mosaic, White
Please specify desired color of key inserts when calling or if you prefer a key from our selection of glass mosaics, inform us of the code or posting date.

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