Rustic Penny Round Porcelain Mosaics

PM0002     Rustic Penny Round Porcelain Mosaics (Blue, White and Beige)

This item is now available in our online store:

PM0002CBE – Rustic Country Blue Penny Round: Online Store
PM0002WE –  Rustic White Penny Round: Online Store
PM0002BG – Rustic Soft Beige Penny Round: Online Store

We love these beautiful, rustic penny round mosaics.  They have a great rustic look with dark circular edges, and beautiful soft colors.  The surface of the mosaics are smooth, polished and glossy.  We have this variation available in three colors, country blue, soft beige and milky white.  These tiles are a great addition to homes, in the bathrooms, shower walls and floors, and kitchens, or other areas.  A great feature of these mosaics is their ability to bend around curved and/or rounded surfaces like shower benches, or around bathtubs, or even curved walls.  (Please click gallery for pictures.)

The penny round mosaics can be combined to create a unique shade, for example, the country blue and milky white blend well together.  Additionally, these tiles can also be custom ordered in mixed colors for orders above 1000 sq. ft.

These tiles are sold in sheets of 11.5 x 12.5.  They are currently in stock and to order, please call/email us.

Tile & Color Codes:

PM0002BE     Rustic Penny Round Porcelain Mosaic, Country Blue
PM0002BG     Rustic Penny Round Porcelain Mosaic, Soft Beige
PM0002WE     Rustic Penny Round Porcelain Mosaic, Milky White

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