Cement Porcelain Tile

P0019      Cement Look Porcelain Tiles

Today we’ve got a modern looking, clean cut porcelain tile.  It has a textured, matte finish, which makes it great on floors as well as walls.  The tile comes only in 24×24 size.  The texture almost has a leathery feel to it.  The color tone is plain with not too much variation. The black tile is more of a dark charcoal grey, and looks like a layer of cement.

This tile will be great to cover large spaces, walls and floors.  You can achieve a great modern feel with these tiles.

Ordering codes and info below.

P0019BG      Cement Porcelain Tile, beige
P0019BK      Cement Porcelain Tile, charcoal grey

To order, or for more info, contact us.

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